NEW!! Share-N-Save

Share-N-Save Offer: Save 30% to 40%

Do you enjoy being part of the sharing economy? Then this exciting service option was created just for you. You can save some serious cash with a little help from your friends (roommates, neighbors or family). By combining dogs from different households and servicing them at one address, we can significantly cut our cost. We can then pass these savings onto you. This offer is available for any of our recurring dog runningandwalking services

Is this service a good fit for you? 
  • This option is available for weekly recurring sessions (same day & same time)
  • DDJ must have completed a trial session with both dogs at the same time
  • We can run a maximum number of 2 dogs at a time
  • Both dogs must be familiar and comfortable with each other and never squabble
  • Both dogs must have comparable levels of fitness and ability
  • Able to run/walk without excessive swerving or pulling
  • The additional dogs must be added to one DDJ account profile. Only one person will be billed for both dogs
  • Both dogs must be at one address when the runner/walker arrives
So if you know a few good dogs or if you are a networking whiz that can easily find someone to combine resources with, this service is for you. Setup a trial run with your dog and your friend's dog today. 
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