Denver Dog Joggers
Owner: Jacob Venter & Tornado Alley
Denver Dog Walking
Jacob's leg & Lightning Bolt Biner

Our Mission

Our main goal is to provide urban and suburban dogs with the necessary age appropriate exercise that will keep their minds and bodies active.  

Denver Dog Joggers believes that an active dog will be healthier, happier, live longer and get into less mischief. 

We understand that many dog owners either do not have the time or the ability to provide their pets with enough exercise.  We aim to bridge this gap with care and professionalism. We give your dog the chance to burn off some energy, have a good time and give you more guilt free flexibility in your schedule.  

Our Values:
Being a pet care service, we focus on values that help ensure tails are left wagging happily. We know your dogs mean a lot to you, therefore our values consist of: 

Prioritizing Your Dog: No matter what, your dog comes first. We commit to their care, safety, and needs and ensure that their physical health is looked after and their lifestyle quality is improved through our services.

Commitment to Clients: Like the pets we care for, we value their owners as well. We know that for a service such as ours,  a solid foundation of trust and integrity between us and our clients is very important, so we work hard to deliver a highly reliable and quality services.

Responsibility: While we put all our efforts in being responsible with your pets, we also make sure that any mistake is rectified.

Honest and Full Communication: Our clients receive a full and honest detail report of each session. We are committed to relate any incidents that may have occurred during the session.

Quality Staff: We work with your pets and know you trust us with their care, therefore we guarantee we will work hard to hire staff members that share our love for animals, our mission and our values. 
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