Pet Services Overview

Whether you need a dog running or a fast paced or leisurely dog walking service, your dog is sure to benefit from a daily fitness routine. Our clients use our services because they value the long term benefits of an ongoing fitness routine for their dogs. During our free trial run and consultation we will provide advice on what service is best for your dog. Dogs that are too young to run or walk at a brisk pace are ideal candidates for our leisurely walks . For our existing dog walking and dog running clients, we also offer Pet Sitting Services.

Denver Dog Running

Our Dog Running Services are perfect for high energy dogs, young dogs, old dogs and all dogs in between that enjoy running - or flying depending on whom you ask. 

Dog Walking Denver

We offer Dog Walking services since not all dogs have the same ability and fitness levels - just like people. Some dogs are best suited for a brisk walk. 

Denver Dog Walking

Our leisurely Dog Walking service offers low intensity sessions for those dogs that like to take it easy, smell the flowers, roll in the grass or that would rather rollover for a belly rub from a DDJ Team member.   

Geriatric dog care

Geriatric Dog Care helps keep your aging or elderly dog active and healthy.  With structured exercise, we ensure your old friends still get to interact with the outside world.

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