Geriatric Dog Services

Geriatric Dog Care and Elderly Dog Services

In Colorado people are not only the fittest in the nation, but also remain active longer into their senior years. 

At DDJ we believe that pets too should remain active even during their geriatric years. Sure, they will be slower, but it is no reason for them to become inactive. We believe that an older pet’s quality of life improves with regular activity and age appropriate exercise. Older dogs no longer initiate play like they did when they were puppies and are more likely to just lie around. This type of inactivity can help exacerbate other ailments - more inactivity leads to more ailments which could lead to more inactivity. 

This is where we step in and provide the structured exercise routine to ensure your old friend still gets to engage in the world outside. We provide Fast Paced or Leisurely Dog Walking services with one of our Dog Walkers.

As with older people, keeping older pets active through age appropriate exercise helps them stay healthier and more mobile longer.

For the Denver Dog Joggers staff, it is one of the most rewarding experiences to keep those old bones and paws moving and we will be honored to care for your old friend. 

What is your dog's age?

With older pets, abilities will decline at a faster rate compared to us humans. We provide age and ability appropriate services for geriatric dogs. The table below will help you determine your dog’s human age based on their age and weight.

Geriatric Dog Sizes
Small: 0-20 lbs          Medium: 21-50 lbs      Large: 51-90 lbs    Very Large: >90 lbs
Geriatric Dog Ages
Dogs years            Dog Size               Human years         7               Small - Medium               44-47
                        Large - Very Large            50-56

       10              Small - Medium               56-60
                        Large - Very Large            66-78

       15              Small - Medium               76-83
                         Large - Very Large           93-115

       20              Small - Medium               96-105
                               Large 120
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