Quality Control Setup

Step 1: Job Description

We rely on our Quality Controller to ensure that DDJ runs smoothly, keep our clients happy by ensuring uninterrupted service.  The QC is also essential to support staff in the field should they need help with any of their canine clients. As a Quality Controller your job responsibilities will include but not be limited to the following tasks: 
  • Set an example to other Team Members for delivering a high quality of service standard.
  • Build a rapport with Team Members and clients as someone that is helpful, knowledgeable and accurate. 
  • Monitor the online scheduling software to ensure clients are getting what they are paying for. 
  • Monitor Team Members and reports via the quality control form for issues etc. 
  • Help Team Members achieve a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Help Team Members with problematic human and canine clients. 
  • Assist with coverage when coverage is needed
  • You must be reachable by phone
  • Return phone calls within 10 minutes
  • If we need you to service a client or fix a problem, you will need to get to the client's house within 30 minutes.
  • You must arrive at the client's house wearing your uniform
  • We can call you as late as 1:59 pm. 
  • Complete your daily Quality Control report every hour and no later than 2 pm.  You must call the office so that we can reassign the client to you. 
  • Report time sensitive issues or concerns you may have directly to the supervisor or owner. 

Now: Create a QT Bio

Please write a new Bio for your online bio on our staff page. Reference the following items: 
  • My job as a quality controller
  • The importance in making sure client receives uninterrupted service
  • Importance of getting the service client is paying for. 
  • Importance of assisting the runners in the field with any issues
Email your QT bio to info@denverdogjoggers.com

Step 2: Setup Email

If you have not received your new company email address and temporary password from the office, let us know at info@denverdogjoggers.com.  Below are the links for instructions on setting up your office email. First take note of the following are company email policies that need to be followed. 
  • Never open email attachments from unknown senders. DDJ will not be responsible for damages resulting from malicious software. 
  • Email inquiries should be replied in within an hour
  • If you are unable to assist with an inquiry, forward the inquiry to info@denverdogjoggers.com.
  • Keep your inbox clean and organized
For setting up your IMAP (not POP3) DDJ email click on one of the following links:

Step 3: Grasshopper Phone Setup

Grasshopper is a service that allows the office to stay in touch with our runners and clients with only one phone number.  

Getting setup: 

Step 1: You will receive an email from Grasshopper with instructions  on accessing your DDJ Grasshopper account. Contact the DDJ office if you have not received this email. 

Step 2: Download the Apple or Android  Grasshopper app and sign in.

Step 3: Make a test call to 720
244 8949

Step 4: Send a test text to 720 244 8949

Phone use policies and procedures: 
  • No phone use while driving! Nothing is that important! Pull over where it is safe to take or make phone calls - or read and send text messages. 
  • Do not call clients and runners from your personal phone number. 
  • Do not accept schedule change requests via text or phone from client. Always instruct them to log into their DDJ Account to request schedule changes.  This avoids he said she saids, misscomunications etc and it creates a log that we can reference should we have to deal with an unhappy customer.
  • Do not give runners instructions related to visits via text. Instead enter the instructions into the visit notes then refer the runner to the Leashtime Notes so that information is in one central location. You can text them  for example the following: "Please check Leashtime  for updated instructions for Bodie's session today" 
  • Keep communication with runners to a minimum, only contact them with essential and time sensitive instructions. 
  • Only contact clients via phone in emergencies such as injured or ill dog, access to home issues, access to canine client, accidental house alarm activation issues. Your main method for contacting clients for non time sensitive issues should still be via Leashtime's email function. 
  • Contact Jacob if you are unsure how to handle a call or text request from runner or client. 
  • Respond to calls and text messages within 10 minutes unless you are servicing a client yourself.

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