Meet Our Staff

 Meet Our DDJ Staff Members

Dog runner denver - Brian

Rebecca W:

Position: Quality Controller

I am so excited and proud to be a Denver Dog Jogger as well as a Quality Controller for Team DDJ! There is nothing in life that I am more sensitive and passionate about than dogs, so my job with DDJ has been a great fit for me. As a quality controller, I communicate with runners and clients to help ensure that visits run smoothly and that we are providing the service we have promised. I also assist runners when they face challenges in the field so that our sessions can continue uninterrupted. As a runner and walker, I get to explore Denver’s parks and trails, enjoying the sunshine with DDJ pups. For the record, it is as much fun as it sounds like it would be! My parents tell me that I was an animal lover from Day 1. I’ve worked in zoology & conservation, with a variety of animals ranging from rhinos to sea turtles. I also taught rain forest ecology in Costa Rica and always appreciate nature-themed adventures. My own two hound mutts, Nagi & Indy, bring tons of happiness to my life with their quirky personalities and all of their shenanigans. We love hiking and exploring the outdoor world together. Running has also been a big part of my life for a long time. I used to favor ten milers and half marathons, but the eager DDJ pups have taught me to embrace and enjoy the shorter run instead. Denver Dog Joggers has brought a renewed sense of joy and purpose to my running routine, and my enthusiasm for our canine clients will never fade!

Anne J:

Position: Dog Runner/Walker

Hola dog lovers! I'm Anne. I am originally from Chicago but have called the great city and state of Denver, Colorado home for the past 7 years. I love the Chicago Cubs, skiing, snowboarding, and a good pint of beer. I am a Boston Marathoner and ultra runner in my spare time (basically when I am not running and walking your pups!) I have been blessed to have worked with Denver Dog Joggers since January 2016 as a dog runner and walker. My affection for dogs of all breeds, ages, shapes and sizes has grown tremendously. I want to care for every dog I see! 
Dog Walkers Denver

Jerry G

Position: Dog runner & Dog walker
Hi! I'm Jerry, I'm an east coast transplant though I've been in Colorado over 20 years now. Love that Colorado lifestyle! I've been running marathons for a long time and I'm almost finished with my goal of running a marathon in all fifty states.its been an amazing journey. I'm a huge dog lover and it make me happy seeing dogs out there getting in a good run I'm looking forward to giving your dog a great workout! 

Anna M

Position: Dog Runner & Walker
Hey there! My name is Anna. I recently moved to Denver from Scranton, Pennsylvania. I graduated from Penn State University in 2015, and I currently work as a registered nurse. I love being active in all ways. On my days off you can catch me climbing mountains, biking or working on my yoga practice, however, running is my true passion and I believe it is the best therapy. I’m currently training to run my first marathon. I also love all animals, especially dogs! I'm so thrilled to be a part of the DDJ team. I can't wait to meet and run with your four-legged family members!
Dog Runner - Dog Walker - Christopher

Christopher K:

Position: Dog runner & Dog walker
Since I was a child, dogs have always been a significant part of my life. Moving out to Colorado for college from the East was an exciting change in my life. But it was also a difficult change, because I had to leave my canine brother, Sampson, behind. I applied to be a Denver Dog Jogger to incorporate dogs back into my life in a productive and healthy way. I love fitness and I love sharing the experience with a willing companion. Whether leisurely walking or briskly running, I look forward to hitting the trails with your pooch! 

Matt W:

Position: Dog runner & Dog walker
Hi, I'm Matt! Originally from St. Louis, I moved to the Denver area 5 years ago, and I absolutely love it here. The climate is ideal for running, nearly year-round too! I've been running a few days a week since I moved here. I have much experience in pet care as well, having had many pets growing up, and professionally looking after, and exercising, dogs for nearly 3 years. Of any pet, I love dogs the most! They are generally very loving and loyal. What better best friend can a man(or woman) ask for?  
Your loving companion will be in good hands when I look after and/or exercise them. The Denver Dog Joggers Team is a good quality group of people, and I am proud to be a part of it. Thank you and see you soon!

Emma W:

Position: Dog runner & Dog walker

I’m excited to be working for Denver Dog Joggers so that I can incorporate two things I love- dogs, and staying active! I have always found the importance of keeping good physical and mental health, and this job combines both of those ideas. I am a native of Colorado and have loved hiking, and being outdoors my whole life. I grew up with dogs and other animals my whole life and I absolutely adore the positivity and joy they bring to our lives. I think animals deserve the treat of fun and staying active, and it’s amazing to incorporate that with running. As of now, I don’t own a dog so I am thrilled that I can find a way to still hang out with them in way that is beneficial to us both!\

Denver Dog Joggers - Matt

Matt N:

Position: Dog runner & Dog walker

Hi, I’m Matt, a Colorado native with a love of running, dogs and the great outdoors; making this my ideal part-time job! Aside from several months on an archaeological dig in the Peruvian Andes, and two years living in Hawai’i, I’ve dedicated the past decade to transforming the hospitality industry here in Colorado, while spending any free time running as much as possible. I’m a big believer in the importance of health and fitness for both humans and animals, and I look forward to contributing to your dog’s happiness! 

Luke B:

Position: Dog runner & Dog walker

Hi Y’all! I am Luke. I am originally from Oklahoma. Currently am finishing up my Senior year at Colorado Christian University. I am majoring in Psychology with a minor in Outdoor Leadership and an Emphasis in Biblical Studies. I plan to do an 8-week internship in Australia after I graduate and then start applying for grad schools for counseling. I used to be Division II athlete for cross country and track, but since I am no longer doing that I really enjoy Motor-cross Endurocross, snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking and just about anything outdoors! I absolutely love being around dogs – since I am away from home I don’t get to see mine as much at all. Denver Dog Joggers is a perfect fit for me because I get to spend time with dogs and run at the same time! Currently your dogs have been whooping me into shape and I am excited for the more dog runner experiences ahead

Will W:

Position: Dog runner & Dog walker

Hey there dog enthusiasts. I'm Will. I have been a Denver local my entire life. I love everything about the wonderful state of Colorado. Some of my favorite things to do would be skiing, attending Colorado Avalanche games, playing hockey, tennis, soccer, golf, and having a locally brewed ice cold coors light on the weekends. I have been a dog lover my whole life. I grew up around dogs, I have worked at shelters, and I have done a lot of rescue work with misunderstood dogs. I got into running somewhat recently. I started doing it as a favor for local foster/rescue dogs to help get them the exercise they truly need. Now I am running more than I ever thought was possible. In doing this I have found a true love for all dogs. I think every dog is a good once they're given a fair chance. I look forward to running or walking your furry friends and giving them the special attention they deserve.

Caitlin B:

Position: Dog Runner & Walker

Hi! I’m Caitlin. I am an Indiana native and moved to Denver this summer for graduate school at the University of Colorado Denver to study environmental science and hydrology. I love to run and have been running since high school, where I ran cross country and track and then continued to compete through college. I’m so excited to work with Denver Dog Joggers! I sadly had to leave my four-legged friend back home in Indiana, so getting to spend time with dogs while doing one of my favorite things makes my day! I look forward to getting to meet your pups and giving them healthy exercise while having fun!' 

Matthew S:

Position: Dog runner & Dog walker

Hi, I'm Matthew! I'm a transplant from Wisconsin, and I'm in love with Colorado's dog-friendly nature. I've been a runner and a dog lover since I was very young, and I think that it's one of the best ways for people and dogs to bond! My 4 year old border collie mix, Luna, is my best friend. She's made my whole life better! I've already had multiple careers as a software developer, an assistant race director, and an after school program teacher. I'm about to, once again, go back to school for another exciting change. As a student of exercise science and nutrition, I'm excited to have the opportunity to have an impact on the lives of dogs in an active way! I can't wait to go on an adventure with your dog!
Dog walker Denver - Alyssa

Holly G:

Position: Dog runner & Dog walker

Hi, I'm Holly and I'm a transplant from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I've been in Colorado over 15 years and love it! I'm a high energy, active person who loves to run. I also love dogs. As a regular contributor to ASPCA and Denver Dumb Friends league I'm dedicated to the kind treatment of animals. I've adopted all my past dogs (and cats) from animal shelters - and my current pal, Shadow, is a bit too Senior to continue joining me with my running. So I'm excited to have your 4 legged family members join me in my passion for a healthy life! I'm thankful for Team DDJ and their commitment to the welfare of dogs in our community!

Giselle A:

Position: Dog runner & Dog walker

Hi! My names Giselle. I came to Denver from Chicago, for new, meaningful experiences. I am extremely grateful for my dream to come true and to be a part of the Denver Dog Joggers team. I have loved dogs for as long as I can remember. I grew up with Simba, a Chow, from age 7 and have felt nothing but admiration for these amazing animals. I've been a runner since high school, starting as a soccer and track athlete, but my true passion is spending time to care for dogs and being out running or walking alongside of them. One of my other passions is being an activist, community organizer, and fundraiser to help protect our environment. Last year, I ran the Chicago Marathon and had the great opportunity to fundraiser and run on behalf of a nonprofit whose goal is to educate our communities of mental illnesses and it's effects. It is important to live a healthy and happy life, and I'm looking forward to spending good times with our furry friends and taking them out for some fresh air and quality exercise!

Lynn T:

Position: Dog runner & Dog walker

Greetings! Being part of DDJ is awesome because I LOVE dogs and being outdoors! Occasionally, I run in various events for the festivities, breathtaking sceneries and motivating friends. My first event was a 10k for the spring Boulder Rez about 6 years ago. I remember feeling so accomplished reaching the finish line, I was literally crying. Since then, I’ve topped my proudest moments by finishing runs like the Colfax Half and the Xterra Cameron Park Trail Run. Outside of DDJ, I get to spend a lot of time with my best friend/husband. Together we run a practice called Our Tribe Center for Well Being, serving as brain-based chiropractors & health educators. We have 2 kids: one really fun baby boy & one stubborn but loyal corgi. I am also a yoga therapist running a site called Mommasana where I offer ancient yogic tools to support the modern mom. 

Joshua H

Position: Dog runner & Dog walker

Josh has a love for dogs that runs deeper than his love for Sweet Cow ice cream (which keeps him running to burn it off). With a diverse running background totaling over 15 years of experience, including competing at the NCAA DII level, he is more than capable to tire out even the swiftest pup. He has a dog of his own, Gus, whom is personally a fan of trail running and summiting 14ers. Gus is also deaf, which has cause Josh to learn doggie sign language. When he is not hitting the trails, Josh crafts and runs a leather goods business of his own, called MTN Pine. Josh's claim to fame: Raced Lance Armstrong in a 8k cross country race and lost, badly. 

Taylor T:

Position: Dog runner & Dog walker

Hello! I’m Taylor, I am a Colorado Native who enjoys sharing the beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains and their hidden trails with my four legged family members. I have two dogs Sam and Oliver (both rescue dogs) and I couldn’t be happier with them they are my best friends and quickest running partners I have ever had! They have helped me train for many different runs including the Air Force Marathon and Army ten miler! I recently got back from a tour in Afghanistan where I was able to work with a variety of Military Working Dogs. This just continued to skyrocket my passion and care giving for all dogs with all different personalities and increased my medical knowledge specific to canines. Our pets bring us copious amounts of joy and I am thrilled to be a part of bringing joy and exercise to your four legged family member!

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